UF0A3817-deLucy has been dancing in one form or another for most of her life, starting with ballet classes at age 3. Continuing through high school, these classes were her only foray into dance until college, where she discovered swing dancing and ballroom dancing and experimented with modern and hip hop as well. After four years of competitive ballroom, one of which as co-captain of her collegiate team, she joined the staff of Fred Astaire South Barrington in the suburbs of Chicago to pursue professional ballroom dancing. There she trained students of all experience levels, from first-time lessons to national competitors, and competed and performed herself at local and national events. Upon returning to her hometown of St. Louis in 2012, she started taking classes with Ami Amore and joined the ERBD troupe in 2014.

She continues to pursue swing and blues dancing here in St. Louis and has added aerial work to her repertoire on the silks and lyra and occasional flights on the trapeze. Lucy firmly believes that everyone can (and should) dance and loves to share the fun and joy of dancing with others.

When in doubt, dance it out!