Class Etiquette and Studio Rules

With the changing of our classes from Lotus Arts to my private studio there will be a few new things that every student should familiarize themselves with:

Rules & Helpful Info:

Please arrive ON TIME and NO MORE than 10 min. early. If you are even one minute late, this disrupts the class and I can not leave my class to let you in. I apologize, but it is not fair to the other students.

To ease into the transition, I have put 10 – 15 mins in between classes so that students leaving may have time to get out and those coming in may have time. Please note we will start approx 2 mins. after the stated class time; thus making the class just shy of one hour.

The city charges for parking at meters (M-F 8am – 7pm), please plan to bring change accordingly (current rates: 25 cents = 20 min). There is plenty of metered parking out front. There is a parking lot behind the building. You may use it while you are in class, however, I am not responsible for any theft or damage to vehicles. Use common sense and store valuables out of site, or better yet don’t keep them in the car at all. The lot often has glass so be aware.

In case of an emergency, students will receive my cell phone number.

Have fun! Bring an open mind and a sense of humor.

Be of sober mind and body while in class.

Please be respectful of each other’s personal space.

No children or spouses allowed. I am sorry but it is disruptive to have children in the class area, especially when most women come to get away from spouses and children. Note that I will not censor classes for kids. This should be YOUR time.  I will make special exceptions if you ask the whole class ahead of time and they all agree.

Liability waivers are dispersed and discussed on the first day of class within the new studio. This waiver states basically that I (Ami Amore’, Amy Sprandel, Exotic Rhythms Bellydance, et al) am not responsible for any injuries to you or any damage to personal property while attending class, etc.  I will also have you fill out an emergency contact form in the event of an injury.

Upon exiting, please try not to be too noisy to disturb the other tenants in the building. I will have arrows placed throughout the building to guide you out easily.

Wear comfortable workout attire, baggy sweats and teeshirts are discouraged.

Dance shoes or bare feet are advisable.  Tennis are permitted only for the Turbo shimmy class.

No chewing gum or eating candy while dancing, not only does it prohibit you from fully learning, it’s dangerous because you could choke on it! No food during class time, ok in between classes.

Feel free to bring water and keep it close by. Feel free to bring yoga mats as well.

Please turn your cell phone ringers OFF/VIBRATE during class times, unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary (e.g., you are waiting for an emergency phone call/update).