Eluria DeLune

Eluria DeLune started her dance training in tap and ballet at the age of four.  Two years later, she decided to take a 22 year sabbatical to persue such noble activities as cat herding, boy chasing and comic book reading.  Then one day while in her early twenties, she had a chance encounter with a time machine in Wentzville, MO that deposited her smack dab in the middle of the Renaissance.  There she witnessed a group of ladies performing an intriguing style of dance called “bellydance”.  Eluria knew immediately that she wanted to learn how to do this, but was unaware that classes were available.

Several years after returning to the 20th century, Eluria discovered a studio that gave lessons and eagerly dug in.  One fateful night, while attending and performing at a local hafla, Eluria struck up a conversation with Ami, to whom she had spoken on other occasions and saw dancing during her visit to the Renaissance Faire, er, Period.  Ami asked if Eluria would be interested in participating in a choreography experiment for which Ami needed multiple persons.  Eluria readily agreed and set about with two other bellydance adventurers to learn the infamous Dance of Skirtly Goodness.

Photo: Gina Simon

Soon other bellydance explorers began to join the quartet from other bellydance realms.  One choreography turned into two, two into three and so on, and thus Exotic Rhythms Bellydance came to be!

Eluria does not miss tap or ballet classes and bellydance is easier than herding cats……..