Lunar Fusion



Photo: Anthony Sapone

The Story of ERBD

Once upon a time (2006 AD), a dancer named Ghazal went to see a show filled with unique bellydance goodness that she had never experienced before. It moved her and inspired her so much that she left her bellydance home and began seeking sages in the fusion and dark arts. She trained with other local sages and in the confines of her home,  began teaching a weekly assembly of dance as well as seeking inspiration from VHS tapes, DVDs and you tube and seeking out workshops and festivals in the far reaches of the States of United, such as the exotic lands of Florida and Texas and Colorado, not to mention the far reaches of her own state of Missouri where she traveled to Kirksville and took her first fusion challenge with the incomparable, Kami Liddle. Her mind was blown and a new world had opened up for her, for it was there that she first discovered her love of layers!

Like a snowball rolling down the hill, she began to accumulate pupils who also wished to be schooled in the ways of the dark dance. In 2008 AD, a few of her pupils performed a movement piece orchestrated by Ghazal who would come to be known as Ami Amore’ in 2009 AD. Upon seeing the skills of her apprentice dancers. Ami now had a clan of dancers whom she would refer affectionately to as Exotic Rhythms Bellydance then later simply as ERBD Gang.

In 2010 era, ERBD had attracted 10 members. Through life changes and such, members came and went like the tides of the ocean. In the decade ERBD has been around, we have embodied around 40 different choreographies involving everything from fire to double swords, to fans to zills – all while evolving into the current band of women we are today.

Fast forward to present day St. Louis, MO. We have 6 members. Our founder, Ami Amore. Two of the original seekers of fusion knowledge, Eluria DeLune and Swan. As well as 7 year veteran, Jen L. Rose and our newest members, Lucy and Alena Volta. We stay ture to ourselves and continue to evolve and push the limits of ourselves and the dance itself.


ERBD circa 2009
Photo The Dancer’s Eye

ERBD circa 2011
Photo The Dancer’s Eye

ERBD Circa 2015
Photo Gina Everheart

ERBD circa 2018
Photo Anthony Sapone