Ami Amore’

Photo: Anthony Sapone

Ami Amore’ is a lifelong artist. Starting with drawing, painting, fashion, B&W photography and finally, her discovery of bellydance in 1999. From her first class with Serena of Aalim and then classes with Aalim director, Salwa, she was hooked and knew this was going to be a life long journey. She joined Aalim Dance Co. in 2002. In 2006, she fell in love with and started studying tribal fusion after seeing a Bellydance Superstars show in St. Louis and knew her path had changed from the cabaret and Suhaila style she had known and loved for 7 years. Ami was one of the first in the St. Louis area to teach tribal and dark fusion. her love of industrial and alternative music along with her more gothic styled costuming earned her a unique spot in the burlesque and nightclub circuit long before variety shows were a thing in StL.

Ami is a versatile performer who blends many styles of dance in with her bellydance. Her specialties are snake dancing, performances with fire (fans/palm torches/sword/staff balancing), double sword, fans, veils and creating unique and dynamic group choreography. Ami is the creative force behind the ERBD and Mosaic choreographies and her favorite group choreos often involve double sword and/or alternative music (NIN or Rob Zombie, anyone?).

Ami has been a devoted yogini since 1996, so it’s only natural that she would incorporate her two passions, bellydance and yoga, into her career. Ami has been teaching yoga consistently since 2012 and she earned her 200hr ryt in 2010 from Jaime Sanchez of WE Yoga through Urban Breath.  Ami believes yoga and bellydance are the divine union of spirit, mind and body and incorporates a love yourself and listen to your body approach to all her classes. When you take a class with Ami, you get treated to her sense of humor in a lighthearted environment, but it’s still serious training with genuine feedback that caters to different learning styles and Ami will go out of her way to make sure you understand and make the mind and body connection.

Even though she has been teaching bellydance since September 2006, she  continues her training through taking workshops in all styles around the country along with taking weekly ballet and yoga classes, because she believes she has something she can learn from everyone and one never should stop growing and being receptive to change and evolution. Through thick and thin, Ami has come back to bellydance as her form of creative expression, her passion. No matter what is going on in life, dance is always there.

Ami has a wide list of accomplishments, but she is most proud of her drive to make her many passions a sustaining career. With years of hardwork and determination, she currently  boasts 2 dance troupes – Exotic Rhythms (started 2006) and her student troupe, Mosaic (in 2012), being a sought after performer, movement educator and a successful bellydance/art/craft show producer and emcee.

When Ami isn’t out taking the bellydance world by storm she enjoys making jewelry and artwork under the moniker of Amorticious, taking her 7ft. Columbian Boa, Trance, (aka “little boo-boo”) out for walks, writing, biking, hiking, napping, running, doing yoga or cooking delicious food.
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