2017 Fast-Track Bootcamps

These are a 90 minute class designed for those who would like the extra practice and challenge!

Think of these as a super intense, fast paced challenge. Each month our focus will be different. To keep it intense, I am limiting these classes to 8 students and you’ll need to get preapproved by me to get in. Absolutely NO beginners, sorry!

Some of our focal points will be in the coming months: sword work, layering, combinations, moves, technique, combination and moves creation, anatomy of bellydance movements, choreography creation and more.

Designed for advanced beginners through intermediate/advanced. Must have a thorough understanding of the the basic bellydance vocabulary. Fusion training is also helpful but not required.

The cost for these advance bootcamps are now 25$, because of the amount of planning it takes to challenge my more experienced dancers and the fact it’s limited to under 10 students. Save money and buy a package deal!

4 Fasttracks Just 80$ (+ paypal fees)

Or the WHOLE DAMN TRACK – ALL 12 just 230$

if you buy BOTH – The WHOLE DAMN BOOT AND THE WHOLE DAMN FASTTRACK, save a boatload!!! Just 450$ (plus PayPal fees)

All fast tracks are Sundays,  11am – 12:30pm:

  • January 15 – Elemental Combos
  • February 12 – God-drilla
  • April 9 – 7 Layer Dip
  • May 7 – Footwork Drills
  • June 18 – Swordwork or balancing other props
  • July 9 – Meat n Potatoes
  • August 13 – Head, Arms, Hands – The fancy bits
  • September 10 – Layered Combos
  • October 8 – Excruciatingly Slow Technique and more
  • November 12 – Deliciously Dark Combos
  • December 10 – Floorwork